MENSA Question #14

As one of the many gifts bestowed upon me by the little Danish girl for my birthday the other day (a birthday that you bastards completely forgot), was a deck of MENSA cards.

Among the many puzzles that are included in the deck are a few questions that bend the brain. I thought it would be jolly good if I posted a question a day for the next several hundred years, to see if you are as smart as those egg-headed turd monsters that call themselves MENSA Gods.

The first question is somewhat easy, I suggest exploring the obvious answer.

As an entrance test for a university you are given a corked bottle with a coin in it. Your task is to remove the coin without taking the cork out of the bottle or breaking the glass, or boring a hole in the cork or glass.

How do you pass the test and get the coin out?

Yes, how do you get the caramel in that damn Caramel bar?

I’ll give you a full day to rack your brain to the point where you get so upset and disheartened that you stick a fish hook in your eyelid.

I’ll post the correct answer sometime tomorrow.

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