To Observe and Respect

Observe and Respect is a play on the motto of the Toronto Police Force, To Serve and Protect. Given the ongoing failure of the Police to celebrate diversity, this is my way of doing the job that the heteronormative meanie Police have failed, so hurtfully, so sadly, to do.

The Truck was covered with gang graffiti. It moves about my community from spot to spot. It leaks oil, and smells of hemp. I cannot read this secret language of these disempowered Village Peoples, and it makes my heart bleed. Surely you have seen similar graffiti. The flowing letters and street names of the downtrodden, names like Jam Master Jam Jar, 50 cent, Tupac, Tookie and Imhogobogo.

What could I do to welcome these oppressed people into my community? How could I embrace their culture and celebrate their diversity?

Graffiti is a powerful element of these Village People’s culture. They would decorate their surroundings with words and symbols. Traffic signs are marked, alleys are decorated, and schools are personalized. Others of my culture were insensitive to this, and it makes me cry. A former neighbour, Mrs. Smith moved away after the window of her antique store was done over in the Village People’s unique form of communication. But I am tolerant. What I must do is embrace this culture … and it is only as far as your hardware store where I stocked up on Indelible Magic Markers and cans of Spray Paint.

Non-Heteronormative messages are the best way to say Hello and Welcome to our Village Peoples. I looked at the truck … what could I write on the truck in indelible black magic marker that would let the Village Peoples know that I shared their unique culture, embraced diversity and was not heteronormative? Inspired by the spirit of John Lennon, in bold letters I wrote upon the drivers door ‘I Suck Cock’. It was like the sun had risen upon an ocean of happy harp seals! Global Warming had ended! Imagine the warm feeling inside the heart of the Village Person who drove that truck about town, from grow op to vegetarian buffet to crack house to dog fight arena. He would understand The Message of Love and Inclusion because it was in his own language! The language of graffiti and non-heteronormativism! Now he would feel that others, not of his gang, also embraced diversity and cherished poly-gendered sexual expression.

Public Urination is another cultural motif of the Graffiti-Canadians. Mrs. Smith cited this as another reason why she moved away; I myself have written about the times I have witnessed this form of Mother Earth Worship on our public transit, the TTC. The bus and subway drivers I know also talk about how common in is here in Toronto. Some of them, sadly, are insensitve and judgemental and disapprove of this religious practice. What better way to punctuate my message of love than to decorate the truck door with yellow icicles? I could feel the presence of John Lennon as I emptied my bladder upon the driver side door, paying special attention to the lock. In the cold Toronto climate, it froze quickly. By speaking their language I could communicate how much I cherished their contribution to Our Community.

Police Profiling is a hurtful fact of life for Graffiti-Canadians. So, with my magic marker I wrote ‘I have a Gun’ and below that, ‘I shoot Cops’ right above the license plate. This would tell the bully police that the drivers of this Gangster Decorated truck would not tolerate any sort of police profiling. Now they will be left alone by those big meanies to go about their business!

Now this is Christmas … and what Have You Done? (John Lennon)

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this to share this message of caring with you all .

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