Sharon Stone is Demanding

Sharon Stone, who might not win Best Actress for Basic Instinct 2 (which, BTW, opened to 3.5 million bucks, slightly behind Vern Goes to Marineland), has quite a list of demands according to the evidence over at The Smoking Gun:

Stone’s assorted demands, from Pilates equipment and a $3500/week per diem to armed bodyguards and a prohibition against on-set cigar smoking. Along with a chauffeured car piloted by a non-smoking driver approved by Stone, the actress also demands a convertible sedan for personal use. Then there’s the three nannies, two assistants, cell phones, pagers, presidential suite, first-class travel (in the absence of a private jet), chef, and the deluxe motor home with air conditioning, heating, bed, private bathroom, shower, TV, VCR, refrigerator, telephone, stove, couch, stereo, and cellular fax machine. And, unless the items have been rented, Stone also gets to keep jewelry and wardrobe pieces worn during filming.

Attention Mitchievillian women: You might want to print out the 5 pages of demands Sharon has for the next time your boyfriend/husband calls you high maintenance.

I’m sure out of the three nannies that the good mother Sharon Stone asks for, 2 of them would be sex-education teachers. You know, seeing as she has no problem telling little girls to give blow jobs to their boyfriends instead of having sexual intercourse.

I’m not sure if that last part made any sense, but regardless, I stand by it.

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  1. steve Says:

    i would never say no

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