Avril Lavigne and the *Rock Glam* Look

Someone asked me the other day how Avril Lavigne’s career as a Ford Model was going (I’m now the *go to* person for all things famous), and I said, “How the hell should I know, I’m not a stalker, asshole”.

Not much of a story, but it gives me another chance to post one of the most beautiful women God has ever put on this earth.

“I think I just went from 17 to 21. I’m a woman now. When I first broke on the scene, I was a little kid straight out of high school and into skate-boarding and all that. Now I’m older. I’ll keep wearing the rock look but a little more feminine, a little more of that rock glam thing going on.”

I’m positive that in a few years I will truly hate Avril Lavigne, it could be as close as two weeks, but for now I’m enjoying the hell out of her, watching her career blossom like the blossomy little blossom bud that she is.

Look at me, I’m all giddy.

If Avril knew what was good for her career, she would return my phone calls

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