Stop Harper

So what has that evil anti-Care Bear Stephen Harper done lately? Has he stopped the violence of the TTC drivers, machinists, and janitors against the homeless? What about the noble land claims activists who are holding a lonely vigil out in Caledonia? Nothing!

This is a good example of the importance of a level playing field in any perfect state. When one of our impartial judges orders the TTC goons back to work, they should go. Activists despise the rich priviledged false unionist goons of the TTC who took one hour too many to get back to work. They should be more like the peaceful vegetarian multi-culturalist Native-Canadians who abhor violence and have a deep respect for law and order. If Canada is to stop being a racist shithole it is time to treat everybody equally, and everybody has the right to work in a violence free workplace. Too bad our TTC thugs do not realize this.

And what about the Supreme Leader of the Blue Meanies? When is Harper going to give the Natives the money they need to survive the harsh winter, to pay tuition for school, to buy clothes, or to look for job opportunities? What about some money for activists? A recreation center, and some social workers? Natives have the right to a violence free work place, and Harper should raise taxes to make this happen. As for the TTC thugs, they should be chained to their buses and ticket counters and forced to provide the services our activists demand. How can our Gangbangers get to clubs? How can our panhandlers get to their favourite places to beg for a crust of bread? How can our activists get to the University of Toronto to attend class? How can the homeless get to their subsidized housing?

I am outraged.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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