I’m Too Sexy For My Underwear

It seems everywhere I turn there are new ads for men’s underwear. The ads I’ve been seeing are much more refreshing than the old “Fruit of the Loom” ads, depicting men in giant fruit costumes. The new ads are quite sexy and risque.

The four male fashion models stripped down to their underwear – briefs outside of Selfridges in London and walk down Oxford Street and through Soho handing out vouchers to passer-bys on the way.
The event was staged by HUNG, a new British company, to launch their Autumn 2005 Fashion Collection.

Apparently Hung thinks women are purchasing their man’s underwear or that the men seeing the women blushing and drooling will run out and buy a pair of Hung, yes, Hung, underwear in an effort to be just as sexy as the models. Well Hung Underwear!

The next ad is a video for Axe underwear. It’ll Grow on You

Lastly where would you men be without your gadgets, In case there is a little too much room in your drawers here is something new for you to fill that space. These new “iBoxers” come with a pocket for your iPod.

Now your package can be singing all day long.

Jammin’ in your Underwear

Reported By Special Agent Nikita

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