Observe and Respect

Like most progressive activists, I am seething with rage at our heteronormative monoculture that allows crime to occur.

The latest incident is the horrific daylight beating of Omar Wellington in the Toronto neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park.

This young man, with such potential, was confronted by a gang of youths, his own age, no doubt his high school class mates, stripped to his underwear, and then slowly beaten to death.

This is racism of opportunities in its most evil form. I do not hold the youth gang that stripped, taunted, beat, and stabbed poor Omar to death responsible for their own acts. Certainly, the hundreds of adults who watched the daylight snuff performance theatre from the convenience of their airconditioned balconies are guilty of no crime. These mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbours, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends of both Omar and his killers are not expected to make annonymous calls to 911 to save his life. Rather, it is the guilt of those people who do not live there whom I wish to put a spotlight on.

Flemingdon Park is devoid of services that every other Canadian has. There is an inground pool at the Flemingdon recreation center. There is the Flemingdon community center. There are three elementary schools: Gateway, Grenoble, and Valley Park. There is a Catholic elementary school: John XXIII. There is a public library. And, of course, the Ontario Science Center is within a short walking distance of where Omar was beaten to death. You could hear his screams for help and listen to the thud of fists on his flesh, the sound of his bones snapping under the violent forces in the parking lot of the Science Center. At least until his throat was cut by one of his high school class mates. Flemingdon park is surrounded by parks on three sides, and has an industrial area filled with jobs to the north. All in all, a typical racist shithole that breeds exactly this sort of outrage that is the responsibility of cheapskate taxpayers unwilling to pay the sort of living social payments that our disadvantaged demand.

Why did nobody call the police? Simply enough, they were afraid of retribution from the local youth gangs. And why are there youth gangs? Because of inadequate social spending. Mike Harris beat Omar Wellington to death. The youth gang that beat Omar Wellington to death did not beat Omar Wellington to death.

No doubt, the youth of Flemingdon were driven to beat Omar because of outrage over Stephen Harper’s support of Israel. Maybe second hand smoke choked their reason. Perhaps they were crazed with worry about Global Warming. It is possible that they were driven to despair because Israel might fire rockets into their public library. And the lack of support for Gay Marriage would make any youth gang member lust for blood.

If the police did see the leisurely beating of Omar, I am sure they did the right thing, like they did at Caledonia, and simply watched. But they did not even watch the slaying. Because nobody told them.

But how can we prevent such outrages in future?

I say the youth of Flemingdon are outraged because the Youth of Jane-Finch have a third community center, whereas they only have two. Jane-Finch has the Jane-Finch Holocaust Denial Center. We must build a Flemingdon Park Holocaust Denial Center. We must raise six million dollars to build this facility. Otherwise the youth of Flemingdon will feel unwanted by Canadian society. The mere fact they took another human being, stripped him of his designer clothes, pulled off his colored bandana from his back pocket, pummeled him in the testicles, and then cut his throat is no reason to not accept these people into our hearts.

Let the healing begin! Send me your money!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Damp with tears over at Dust My Broom.

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