Tori Spelling, the Bobblehead, is Pregnant!

Okay, brace yourselves! Are you sitting down? I have some potentially devastating news for all of mankind. Tori Spelling is reportedly pregnant.
Sometimes I think it should actually require some brain power to have sex, then stupid people wouldn’t be able to reproduce and the world would be a much safer place.

Tori looks like a bobble-head doll, with a rack so big I am surprised she doesn’t fall over. If she had any brains, she would have taken some of her father’s millions and spent it on plastic surgery to reconstruct her face. Is she not aware that when you are a size 0, huge boobs just look unnatural, then again maybe she did it to offset her gigantic noggin. Most likely she did it to divert attention away from her face.

Let’s recap her last year, married Charlie Shanian in July of 2004, began filming “Mind Over Murder” and an affair with co-star Dean McDermott in July 2005. Then left her husband for also married co-star Dean in November 2005 and became engaged to Dean by December and is now married and pregnant, Summer 2006.

What is with these Hollywood tramps that make them think it is okay to break up marriages for their own personal gain? Maybe she was just trying to follow the trend already established by Britney Spears, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. The “I’m so pretty and special I deserve the whole world to let me have what I want and then bless my home-wrecking ass” attitude.

Whatever Princess!

Reported by Special Agent Nikita

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