VolleyBrawl Game Turns Ugly

All team sports have been banned in Greece for two weeks following a violent brawl which left one person dead after a…wait for it….wait for it…volleyball game:

Greek authorities have cancelled all team sports matches for two weeks after a mass brawl between rival women’s volleyball fans left one man dead.

“We had warned that this game was dangerous,” the head of Greece’s volleyball federation, Thanassis Beligratis, was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

Of course volleyball is dangerous, just look at the descriptions they use in the game: Spike, volley (of bullets), smash, attack, hit, bump…I’m just surprised someone hasn’t been stabbed in the face earlier.

Just look at the picture again. You would think that the woman is giving her partner a signal as to where to serve the ball, or where to stand on the court, but she’s actually telling her partner to take out her gun and shoot the opponent in the neck.

Volleyball doesn’t kill people, people kill people

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