May 16 – The Crappiest Day In History

There can’t be much argument that In 1943, The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ended. I suppose if you are some bastard Nazi this would be a good thing, but this was a decidedly terrible day for the Polish-Jews of Warsaw. In 1966 the Cultural Revolution in China began. The number of Chinese people murdered by their own government is known only to God. It gets more bleak: in 1982 the Islanders completed their four game sweep of the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. Butch Goring’s toothless grin still haunts my dreams. The final kicker, Jim Henson of The Muppets fame died on this day in 1990.

Need more proof that May 16 is ‘The Crappiest Day In History”? Notable celebrity birthdays for this day include Pierce Brosnan and well, Pierce Brosnan. Now the former James Bond is kind of cool, but his birthday is over-shadowed by the ominous births of Tori Spelling (btw – Nikita told me The Mayor hearts Tori), uber-geek Tucker Carlson, Liberace, Janet Jackson and Tracey Gold. Remember Tracey Gold ? I thought not.

The best hope for May 16 being a somewhat less crappy day in the future currently lay in the hands of two women: some young actress named Hires Root Beer being invented you’ve only brought death, despair and B list entertainers to the world. Until someone else can prove differently from this day forward you are “The Crappiest Day In History”.

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