An open letter to Algore – A Rant by Reg

Dear Algore,

Today is July 20. Today I had a trip planned to take my kids to see the Peterborough Petroglyphs. We were to drive the hour or so in my fuel efficient car. We would have visited the interpretive centre so that my children could see with their own eyes the hundreds of years old Native North American rock carvings. We were then going to take an 8km hike and picnic beside a beautiful waterfall. After the hike we were going to meet friends at a local lake for a cool down swim. Fenris would have approved of this traditional Vimy-Ridge-Canadian family oriented trip. We didn’t go for our trip, Algore, because it was too fucking cold outside. Today is July 20.

If global warming is causing the earth to heat up so, then why is it that the kids and I haven’t been to the local swimming hole since school let out in June as it has been to cold to swim? My parents haven’t had the central air on in a month. It has been too cold to run the central air. At 3:00pm this afternoon my kids were playing at the park across the road. They were wearing jackets. It was too cold to wear short sleeve shirts. Today is July 20.



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