Top five reasons to support Chinese occupation of Tibet

The Chinese occupation of Tibet is getting alot of media attention, but is it politically correct to support Red China, or oppose them? What is a person to do? Are these Human Rights things important in this case? Embracing diversity means speaking with one voice. But real progressives support Red China … here are five good reasons why.

Remember Jane Fonda. Yes, indeed. That curvaceous mouthpiece for political correctness. I remember her support for Red China back in the happy hippy days of Vietnam. I was attending a seminar on the dangers of Global Cooling when some unwashed acid freak told me about seeing the big breasted intellectual tell about her admiration for Red China. And if it was true back then, it must be true now. So your should support Red China, not Tibet.

Only White people care about Tibet. Like, who cares what white people think. They have invisible privileges, life is handed to them on a plate. Good jobs are reserved for them, and they live in safe neighbourhoods and know who their daddies are. So when I see white people, I automatically disagree with them. They should just pay taxes and shut up. These Tibet ‘activists’ are just pushing some secret white power agenda. So you should support Red China, not Hitler’s children.

Where is Tibet, anyway? When I went to high school, we had minorities bused in, so we studied Ebonics in Geography class. I never heard about Tibet until some rich white kid who has life handed to him was yapping about it at the university. Has Tibet done anything to stop Global Warming? How many of their cities are endangered by the melting ice caps? If these people cannot make an effort to fight global warming then they do not have much of an existance, now do they. So you should support Red China, not these nobodies in Tibet.

Red China is our Friend. Appeasement demands compromise. If we want to be friends with China, maybe we should cut them some slack. If England had followed through on its concessions in the Ruhr, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, by tossing Poland into the stew pot of peace, well, there would never have been a war in 1939. Surely an appeasement minded person could see the pattern here. Give peace a chance and let China do what it wants to Tibet. So you should support Red China, not brutal militrism.

Who needs religion anyway? The Taliban doesn’t much like these religious fanatics in Tibet. As a way to reach out to our Muslim Fanatic friends, we should support a policy that they support. It is a separation of church and state issue, is it not? Let the Chinese crush these religious fanatics, and we can curry favor with the Taliban. So we should support Red China, and win some respect.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this at both Mitchieville and DustMyBroom.

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