Victory Coffee

Onward, Happy Workers! Sunday is today, the day that loyal and productive workers gather in the morning to perform community service chores. Happy volunteerism day is Sunday! Lets get to work, workers!

Let’s make Victory Coffee for everybody this morning! Run the tap to get the water hot! Fill a cracked mug almost full with hot tap water. Spoon in a teaspoon of Victory Coffee coffee crystals. Stir and enjoy! Mmmmm, Victory Coffee makes me smile before I go to my happy workplace! It makes me want to march to work! Happy worker am I!

Sunday’s assigned collectivist community service is to go out and clean up dog turd. You must turn in your bag of dog turd to the Community Collectivist Community Center for inspection, a replacement green garbage bag, and a privilege token! Damaged or defective dog shit shovels may be inspected and repaired, or inspected and replaced, at this time after waiting in the defective dog shit shovel inspection and repair or replacement service queue. And enjoy your Victory Coffee while you have fun doing your assigned collectivist community service!

Acting Mayor Fenris Badwulf, wrote this, having discovered that in Mayor Lisa’s absence, he is Regent.

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