MindTrap Friday

MindTrap Friday’s are hit or miss. I suppose it all depends on how good the questions are, that’s what drives the interest factor. I have devised a mathematical calculation to represent my theory: G + Q = I. I suppose this will win me some sort of international math award. I’ll just have to put it on the shelf with all my other international math awards.

Just Another Jaybird was on fire last week, answering all three questions correctly. Jaybirds answers were: 1) The second hand. 2) The name of the ship and 3) 33.3

There were many contestants but only one winner, and that, to me, is impressive.

Congratulations JayBird, you are *Mitchieville’s Smarty Panted MindTrap Winners of the Week*. Oh the pride you must feel knowing that you squished your competition like bugs. The pride you must get knowing that your name is going to adorn the *Winners Wall* at City Hall. The internal pride you must feel every time you come to this site and see your name. You, Jay, are a winner!

Let’s see if Jay can repeat this week, let’s get into the questions:

1) Shadow purchased two cigars which, together, cost $1.10. One cigar cost one dollar more than the other. What were the individual prices of the two cigars?

2) In Hawaii, if you drop a steel ball weighing five pounds from a height of 45 inches, will it fall more rapidly through water at 20 degrees fahrenheit or water at 40 degrees fahrenheit. Or will it make no difference?

3) A particular pumpkin weighs 3/4 of a kilogram plus 3/4 of a pumpkin. How much does this pumpkin weigh?

Did anyone else hear that? Maybe it’s just me.

I’m pretty sure I can answer two of those correctly. I don’t look at the answers until the following Friday, that’s just how I rock.

Good luck to all the players, new players are always welcome, of course.

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