West Lynn Avenue

Vistors to Toronto should take a few moments to ride or bike around the quiet neighbourhood to the south of Woodbine Subway * station. If you head west, crossing Moberley and East Lynn Avenue, you come to West Lynn Avenue. Heading south, you come to a peaceful ravine.

Designed at the early stages of the cold war by a team of Nazi engineers, the ravine is really an anti-tank ditch, designed as a place of death for the expected American invaders. The slope is steep, and the floor of the ravine is marshy year round. Even the most modern American tank, the Grant * , could not pass through this hazard. Once bogged down in the mud, the helpless tank would be set on fire with the crew inside.

Both ends of the anti-tank ditch contain emplacements for defending infantry. This is a view of the opposite end, towards West Lynn Avenue. This end has an elaborate stairway to allow combat engineers quick access to deploy mines and booby traps.

Mysterious marks in military green paint are all through the area. The ‘ravine’ is within mortar range of the flak bunker at Oakcrest * . These could be range marks for artillery, or perhaps coded reference points for land mine locations. The green cross is a common military symbol for asphyxiating gasses, such as cyanide or carbon monoxide. The use of a large numeral 3 (majiscule) and smaller zeros (miniscule) is a way of designating map co-ordinates for targeting purposes.

Sturdy railway ties were used extensively in military fortifications in 1946. Here, a makeshift bridge for commando troops to allow them to move quickly and silently towards the hated American enemy. Notice how well it blends in with the surroundings.

This so-called ‘drainage’ grate is located at the west end of the ravine. As you can see, it is too big for ‘drainage’. In actuality, it is an infantry sally port. There is a hinged opening (towards the back) which leads to a ladder. In keeping with 1946 military plans, a phosgene * gas generator would be deployed here. The low lying nature of the ‘ravine’ made it ideal for the use of this invisible, choking killer.

This green wire is a military communication cable, used to transmit information to and from a command post. Stay behind troops (combatants in civilian clothing) would use these to call in artillery barrages or rocket strikes. They could also be used to trigger large land mines, or share details of American troop dispositions from ‘interrogation’ of prisoners.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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