The Morality Quiz–Part V

Once again, the question that was posed yesterday brought out many interesting answers. Nearly everyone was opposed to letting some reject camp out on their premises, which came as a surprise to me, I thought there would be a larger % of folks whose moral compass wasn’t stuck on *Fuck you, Jack*.

I have to say though that I can pretty much predict what you people are going to answer to today’s question. I’ve made up my mind already on how I would answer, I read the question three times and I pretty much call this one a slam dunk. However, it’s great reading your answers as to why you think the way you do. Here we go…

Are your moral obligations to people in your own country or community stronger than those to people in other countries and communities (assuming no unusual circumstances – for example, suffering because of famine – in either your own country/community or other countries/communities)?

I’ve always been a “charity begins at home” kind of guy, so that’s the take I have on that question.

How about you? How would you answer?

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