Australia Has Doomed Humanity

A study released last week and reported in the never wrong Globe and Mail stated that Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate and may cause global water levels to rise by 60 meters (180 feet):

One of the biggest worries about global warming has been its potential to affect the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet, a vast storehouse of frozen water that would inundate the world’s coastal regions if it were to melt because of a warming climate.

The huge implications posed by the health of the ice sheet have prompted major scientific interest into whether it is growing, shrinking, or stable, with no clear consensus among researchers about its overall trend. But a new study released yesterday, based on some of the most extensive measurements to date of the continent’s ice mass, presents a worrisome development: Antarctica’s ice sheet is shrinking, at a rate that increased dramatically from 1996 to 2006.

Never known to worry about political correctness, or current global trends, our colonial thief-cousins from downunder have decided to flood the earth and doom humanity by starting daily airline flights to Antarctica.

The statist Australian Civilian Aviation Safety Authority approved the daily Airbus 319 flights, flights that will land on a newly built Firefox style 4 mile long ice runway (video can be seen here), after considering many pertinent safety facts such as fuel requirements and emergency landing sites. It appears though the horrific eco effect of the 8 hour return flights to earths most fragile continent wasn’t one of them. Where is the talk of the environment? Where are our Carbon Credits? Where is Algore when you need him? The world demands answers!

How can we blog knowing that our fate has been sealed by a bunch of beer swilling hooligans from Convict Isle? Instead of blogging now Fenris worries about the fate of Marginalized Action Dinosaur as Lake Winnipeg boils over. The Mayor, a blogging giant amoung men, frets over the fate of his waterfront properties in Belize, Jamaica, Hawaii, Madagascar, Texas, Italy and Sarnia instead of writing posts. Australia must be stopped before it is too late. You as a citizen blog reading activist can stop the horror downunder: send Fenris your money – send all of it (PayPal, Visa, Canadian Tyre cash and Carbon Credits accepted).

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