The Niagara Front

Activists must now turn their minds towards the inevitable ground war with America.

And what better campaign to study than the Niagara Front, where two Corps of the Canadian WarMachine will destroy the evil heteronormative Americans?

The map above depicts The Niagara Front. Two Corps of three divisions each are deployed. To the north is the I corps, and to the south is the II corps. Corps headquarters are at Smithville and Dunnville, respectively. Areas outlined in blue (St.Catharines and Niagara Falls) are fortified towns. The escarpment is depicted with a spiked line.

I Corps. The premier Corps of the Canadian WarMachine boasts three divisions, supported by an Assault Gun Brigade.

The mighty fortress of Minas Niagara Morgul cements the line on Lake Ontario. A fortress brigade of elite fanatics holds this citadel, which is dug into the bedrock below, and protected above with reinforced concrete, and has all around fire from machine guns, cannon, mortars, and grenade throwers housed in steel turrets. The area is extensively mined, draped with electrified barb wire, and capable of withstanding attack from poison gases.

The Niagara river along the I Corps front is not easily crossed, being a steep gorge on both sides. None the less, the American devils are expected to launch at least diversionary attacks with Suicide troops in division strength.

Our strategic vision is to allow the foolish Americans a foot hold on the Canadian side. These troops would then be placed in a cross fire from the mortar turrets in Minas Niagara Morgul (six 210 mm) and the dug in artillery along the escarpment. Our railway artillery would obliterate them like a snowplow moving snow. The American supply line across the river would be cut with a cloud of mustard gas, and then our valiant infantry would move forward to clean out the hated invader with the bayonet. Assault guns and flamethrowing tanks would mop up strong points. The few prisoners taken could be used for spare parts for our wounded soldiers.

II Corps. The mighty II Corps holds a far different stretch of terrain than its sister Corps to the north. Here, the river Niagara is shallow, and easily crossed by canoe. A moderate swimmer could easily cross and defile our sacred soil. Here, the banks of the Niagara are gently sloped and the is flat and lightly wooded.

The mighty fortress of Minas Erie Morgul cements the line on Lake Erie. While the fanatics of this fortress brigade would inflict incredible casualties on any unprovoked aggression of the aggressive Americans, the range of its rapid fire cannon is not enough to guarantee our glorious total victory.

Our strategic vision is to absorb the initial evil American thrust * . Given the ease with which the Niagara is forded, WarMachine Intellegence speculates that the most likely attack will occur at night during a thunder storm in March or April. The raised height of the river Niagara will allow larger assault canoes to cross, and the darkness and howling rain will allow the treacherous and sneaky Americans to hope for susprise.

Our front line positions (forward of the QEW) will be swept away in a sudden barrage. We can fill these trenches with convicts * or Prisoners of War. You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs * . The evil Americans will no doubt attack with at least two Mountain divisions, with a follow up wave of at least two Armored divisions.

While some may swear on the effectiveness of Mustard Gas in stopping this sort of attack, when the sanctity of the sacred soil of the Canadian Homeland is threatened, more aggressive means are called for.

The II Corps will engage in a fighting withdrawl to the line of Crystal Beach – Niagara Falls * . The hated Americans will become disorganized as they claw their way through the trenches, barbed wire, mine fields, and sweeping artillery barrages. Little do our despised American foes realize that their country is riddled with traitors and saboteurs, sympathetic to our plans for the destruction of America and all it stands for.

H-Hour. A barrage of rockets will open up our glorious counter-offensive. Our shells will be a mixture of high explosive and Phosgene gas. Our artillery fire will be very effective, as it is directed by American traitors. After a snap barrage of choking gas, a reinforced division from Army Toronto reserve will smash into the disorganized lines of the brutal American aggressor, spear headed by an independent regiment of our heaviest tanks, while overhead our attack helicopters will tear apart the bewildered enemy with cluster bombs or set them on fire with phosphorus rockets. Fresh troops from the Toronto Army will spring up and clear out the enemy with the cold steel.

Flanking attacks from the Toronto Garrison can be expected upon the vulnerable south shore of Lake Ontario. Buffalo will fall in the enemies rear to our hovercraft and helicopter troops. Faced with the severing of their supply lines, the once haughty Americans will be forced to surrender, to grovel, and to lick the Queen’s boots. They will march in shame to forced labor camps.

There is nothing that sixteen inches of cold Canadian steel cannot fix.

Next episode: On to Syracuse!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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