Tuesday trivia for March 25, 2008

1) How many calories are there in a typical serving of pitted prunes?

According to the helpful brochure TB Tips: Advice for People with Tuberculosis …

2) TB is a disease that can be spread by someone talking, singing, laughing or saying a poem. (True or False)

3) TB was very rare in Canada until awareness about inadequate social spending began to rise during the rule of Trudeau (True or False)

4) TB cannot be caught on public transit, during non-heteronormative sex, or around homeless people. (True or Very True)

5) TB was once used as a racist tool to discriminate against pre-Canadians. (True or False)

You can learn more about this disease at the website www.tbsurvivalproject.org

Special thanks to the helpful volunteers who were handing out these brochures on Public Transit this morning

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