Trivia Tuesday

Answers from Tuesday trivia for April 8, 2008

1) Which ranked higher on the Roman scale of power: the praetor or the quaestor? Praetor ranked higher. Praetors were also give command of medium sized provinces or medium sized armies. As such, they were called pro-praetor

2) If domestic gasoline prices were raised to the five dollars a litre range, could you expect unrest?

Of course not. People would rejoice and flock onto our advanced, crime free, undiseased and powerful urban transit systems

3) There are no known diseases that are transmitted by bed bugs.

Not a single one. And for proof I point to the lack of discussion in the press about diseases spread by bed bugs. If it was important, the important press would talk about it.

4) If Richard Warman is receiving a government employee paycheque, does that make him a government employee?

Discussing this man is like farting on an elevator when you are riding alone. Honestly, if Your Government wants to Oppress you, then that is fine with me. Me and my kind are safe. Stalin needs taxpayers. Taxspenders are a means to an end. Sometimes soap.

5) Artillery causes what percentage of casualties?

Seventy percent, pilgrim. But that is what my gunner told me.

Your next five questions:

1) How many Nazgul are there?

2) How many names of the Nazgul do you know?

3) Can you name the lost kingdoms of Men that the nameless, numberless Nazgul ruled over?

4) The poisoned blades of the Nazgul were made out of what surgical stainless steel alloy?

5) In what year did William the Conqueor devastate the city of York? What medieval illustrated book details the Three Years of the Wolf which this period is called? Is the use of z in medieval latin significant or not so much so in this work?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. You should write answers.

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