What The Hell Disease Am I Ridden With?

Due to the overwhelming success of What the Hell Disease Am I Ridden With? from last week, I have decided to extend this installment for at least one more week.

Mitchievillians were all around the disease spectrum last week, guessing that dirty douche Sandra Bernhardt had everything from Hep A to skankitis. Which she probably does. There was a lot of originality and hatred kicking about last week, and to The Mayor it was like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Ya baby, my analogy kicks ass.

If you are thinking that the picture this week is of Ronald McDonald, or some broad Ronald McDonald is throwing his clown cock into, you may be right. However, that’s not a fact, it’s only innuendo. This piece of work is Joy Behar, one of the cackling damaged genetic packages on The Phew.

I managed to get a good picture of her somehow, usually she’s about 20x more disgusting than the already disgusting unit you see before your beautiful eyes. And I want to state again, you really do have beautiful eyes. It’s your ears that are causing havoc and commotion.

Joy Behar is about as useless as they come. I’m not sure how she got famous, or why a sniper hasn’t ended this tragic comedy, but that’s for God to know, not us. Joy Behar is diseased, mentally and physically, more likely more mentally than physically, although looking at that putrid dart board of a face she sports, that’s up for argument.

It is up to my fellow Mitchievillians to decide what disease(s) this monstrous, grotesque, and unsightly urchin has.

So, What the Hell Disease Is Joy Behar Ridden With?

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