FHM’s Top 100

FHM released its 2008 edition of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World today, and there were a few surprises. Megan Fox took the title this year, replacing Jessica Alba who dropped to third. That’s not the surprise though, the surprise was that Britney Spears was #100.

It was just a few (three?) years ago that Britney was #1 on this list, now she has dropped to 100. The surprising part to me isn’t so much the dramatic fall for Britney, but rather that she made the list at all. I’m thinking that it must be name recognition that got her in the top 100, it sure as hell isn’t her looks, unless fat and dopey is all of a sudden the newest, hottest look.

Megan Fox isn’t a bad choice I suppose, but to have Allesandra Ambrosio come in at 47 and Adriana Lima clock in at 36, tells me all I know about the demented heads that cast their votes in this farce.

Oh, Madonna was 87 and Cameron Diaz was 18. Ya, exactly.

And my theory why Alba dropped to #3? Simple, people saw her acting skills this year.

Paris Hilton #77???

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