What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today?

I’ve been mentioning for a few weeks that Mitchieville was on the verge of running one of the most exciting contests the blogosphere has ever seen. And you know what? We are still on the verge. We are on the verge, but closer to the verge than ever before. We are so close to the verge that we can smell the verge’s breath.

We would have had the contest up and running sooner, but with Fenris’ bad health, that thing that happened with Reg and the mule, and that whole bullshit restraining order I had slapped on me by the Mennonites, the timing just wasn’t right.

However, starting this Friday, the contest of all mothereffin’ contests will begin. Not only will this contest be the most exciting contest you have ever witnessed, but it will also be the most confusing and rule oriented contest you have ever seen. There are now officially over 340 rules and regulations–all fun and exciting rules and regulations, designed for maximum jollity.

There are three games (so far) that will be part of the contest: MindTrap, Trivia Tuesday with Fenris (I hope he’s feeling better), and What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today? The object of all the games is to answer as many questions as you can correctly. The first person to reach 300 carbon credits is the grand champion and will be showered with prizes and gifts (gifts and prizes to be revealed this Friday).

Along the way, there will be special questions with an extra amount of carbon credits assigned to the question, special prizes awarded, and a whole host of things we haven’t invented yet. All this is designed for you, our loyal Mitchievillian reader.

I’ll discuss this contest a little more as the week goes on. First though, let’s play What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today?

This game is relatively simple, so simple even a garden variety socialist could figure it out. I have a lunch bag and in that lunch bag is my lunch, duh. Today I have 6 articles of food in my lunch. If we were playing the contest, each correct answer you get would be worth 10 carbon credits. It is your job to guess the various food articles I have in my lunch bag.

Simple? Oui.

So, What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today?

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