What Mental Afflcition Ravishes Sean Penn’s Brain?

If only his finger was loaded.

Mental disorders are about as common in Hollyweird as adultery, drunk driving and drug addictions. If you want to see the level of insanity that most Hollyweird stars possess, simply stick a mic in front of their gaping maws and ask them their views on politics.

Sean Penn is no exception, of course. The difference though between Sean Penn and your average Hollyweird mental patient is that Sean Penn just doesn’t stop at making anti-American speeches at home, he travels and talks…and talks and talks and blabbers, and whines, and bitches, blah blah fucking blah, that insufferable, miserable prick.

Sean Penn continuously rambles on about George Bush, the Iraq war and the cycle of violence war causes. Yet Sean Penn never worried about the cycle of violence when he was having his violent outbursts against reporters, or when he was beating Madonna to a pulp. That’s why he was arrested twice and his marriages all ended in divorce, because of his out of control temper.

What Mental Affliction is Penn’s Brain Ravished With? Well, he was married to Madonna and dated Susan Sarandon for a while, but I’m not sure if blindness and bad taste is a mental disorder.

If I was to guess, I would say that Sean Penn is a violent psychotic. He may very well be a violent sociopath. Hell, he’s probably a violent sociopathic psychotic.

What do you think: What Mental Afflcition Ravishes Sean Penn’s Brain?

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