What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today?

My lunch wasn’t as delicious last week as it usually is. I find that out of the three main meals I have every day, I look forward to lunch the most, but yet it is my least favourite of the big three. Breakfast is suppose to be the most important meal of the day, dinner is the big meal of the day, and lunch? Ya, it’s the red-headed step-child.

Still though, we push on. We push on towards 300 Carbon Credits to Fortune and Fame. What was in The Mayor’s lunch last week? A can of Coke, a ham sandwich, Rice Crispy treats, and apple and a bottle of water.

Some people have asked me why I bring a plastic bottle to work when I can have free water from the tap and cause less of a harm to the environment while doing it. Well, first off, I don’t like that kind of commie talk at City Hall, and secondly, people should stay out of my lunch like I stay out of their bedroom. My lunch isn’t a discussion piece for a bunch of Stalanists.

Todd –1/5 = 110 carbon credits
Chris Taylor –1/5 = 15 credits 85 carbon credits
Larry–3/5 = 75 credits
Reg–1/3 = 15 credits 45 carbon credits
Mech Eng–1/5 = 45 credits
Rhebner 40 carbon credits
Mr Fortner–30 Credits
Daily Bayonet–2/3 = 30 credits 30 credits
Dmorris–2/3 = 30 credits 30 credits
Linds 30 carbon credits
Fenris Badwulf–1/5 = 15 credits
Nancy 30 carbon credits
Polska 30 carbon credits
Frozen Tex 20 carbon credits
Cudgel–1/5 = 15.63
Darren 10 carbon credits

A quick look at the board tells me that Larry was the big winner last week, going 3/5. You would figure that Larry would have gone 5/5 as he packs my lunches every day, but no, he only went 3/5.

I live a simple life, I have simple lunches. Looking back on the history of this game, I can see that my lunches really do need some improvement. Although that won’t happen this week.

This week, all correct answers are worth 15 carbon credits. Good luck to all those whose participate. For those of you that are not participating, I’m taking names, so watch yer step, partner.

So, What’s In The Mayor’s Lunch Today?

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