Friday Night Man Flesh

Yes, this steamy piece of manflesh is none other than our friend Darcey. Inspired by Darcey’s Friday Night Blues series, I came up with the idea of Friday Night Manflesh to correct the sexist imbalance that exists in Mitchieville. Darcey is also my campaign manager. Be nice to him, as he has been known to bite.

Here we have Giorgio. I’ve hired him to sort my recyclables into their appropriate containers. During his spare time, he samples food from my kitchen.

This is Kevin. He is my personal librarian. He drew my attention to these thoughts by the president of the Czech Republic as published in the National Post. If only Stephen Harper would speak this clearly, but this sort of clarity is a rarity indeed when it comes to politicians.

I spent most of my life under the communist regime which ignored and brutally violated human freedom and wanted to command not only the people but also the nature. To command “wind and rain” is one of the famous slogans I remember from my childhood. This experience taught me that freedom and rational dealing with the environment are indivisible. It formed my relatively sharp views on the fragility and vulnerability of free society and gave me a special sensitivity to all kinds of factors which may endanger it.

I do not, however, live in the past and do not see the future threats to free society coming from old-fashioned communist ideology. The name of the new danger will undoubtedly be different, but its substance will be very similar. There will be the same attractive, to a great extent pathetic and at first sight quasi-noble idea that transcends the individual in the name of something greater than the self, supplemented by enormous self-confidence on the side of those who stand behind it. Like their predecessors, they will be certain they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their ideas reality. In the past it was in the name of the masses (or of the proletariat), this time it is in the name of the planet. Yet, structurally, both are very similar.

Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

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