Friday Night Female Flesh Goes Cowgirl

Logan suggested a Cowboy\Cowgirl theme for this week.  I say while the hell not after all, we all love riding bareback don’t we? It’s a hot humid day here in Mitchieville Township and I want to spend it outside, so less talk, more Flesh:

Unlike Logan and his Manflesh post below when I think of Brokeback I like to think two of two friends messing around in the mountains who look like this:










The cowgirls in the pink hats GOT ARRESTED for having imitation guns in a public place.  Just further proof that England has gone to shit and that Limey men are gay. Feel free to add your own strip search\body cavity search joke in the comments section, perverts.

I found the young cowgirls below with their pictures titled "sdacowgirls".   It’s about time Kate livened things up over at SDA! I had no idea she was a fan of FNFF\FNMF.












Have a safe weekend everyone and tell everyone you see about Mitchieville (even the gay limey ones).

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