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My cat got positively ferocious today when we were playing Rodeo, I don’t know what got into the little bitch. Like usual, I was chasing the cat with my lasso, when I took her down and applied a wrap and a halfhitch using my pigging string. Right when I stuck my knee in her back to complete the routine, she reeled back and tried to bite me. I yelled at her, “If you ever do that again I will NEVER play Rodeo with you again”.

I could tell she was sorry, just by the way she moped around for the rest of the night. The poor thing, she could hardly eat after that. Oh well, I’m not here to make friends, I’m here for the Rodeolicious entertainment.

As far as good and gross is concerned, this small clip has both of those elements in it. It’s safe for work, but yet it’s still pretty rude. You’ll see what I mean.

There were a limited amount of chuckles when I read 150 of the Funniest Resume Bloopers. Is it worth your time? I’d say no, but if you need to kill 5 minutes, then this is a good deal.

Mark Nicodemo swung and belted one over the fence with his post, “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS”. I’d say this is one of Mark’s best posts to date. And that’s saying something considering how many excellent posts he’s written over the years.

If you can figure this out, please let me know what the hell is going on.

Do you know what colours best suits you? There’s an easy, and somewhat fun way to find out–Color and Design Blog will show you how. For the record, my colours are puce and muddy green.

There’s the other cat—YEHAWWWWW!! Gotta go!

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