Rosanne Barr Lashes Out At Madonna (but falls short of eating her)

Upset at the amount of Botox Madonna has received, Rosanne Barr had this to say about Madonna’s obsession:

“Please lay off the Botox,” she wrote. “You are scaring the children. Act your age. You are doing good things and your face negates your message of spirituality.”

It’s interesting the two factions at play here. One the one hand you have an obese, disgusting pot calling the sluttish, horrid kettle black. Rosanne believes that women should age gracefully, yet gracefully is not a word that can be associated with Rosanne Barr in the least. However, she does make a good point that Madonna should stay away from the Botox. Maybe the two can compromise: If Madonna agrees to lay off the Botox, Rosanne will agree to kill herself, and take Madonna with her.

Sure, it’s not much of a compromise, but it’s only thing I can see that will work at this point.

Pass the needle…

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