Friday Night Man Flesh

My apologies to the fine ladies of Mitchieville for the lack of authentic manflesh appearing on these pages of late. Other obligations and obsessions have been occupying my time and thoughts, but the *BITCH* has not abandoned the flock.

Speaking of my kitchen, sometimes it gets a little hot. Here is Jeremy, my latest sous-chef, taking a brief break to cool off.

I’d like to introduce you to Kevin, fellow chef and future business partner. Together, we plan to open up a chain of vegetarian restaurants in Mitchieville. No tofu will be harmed in the process, nor will it be a menu option.

Leroy is our first successful applicant. This is a picture of him during his interview. He has been hired as head waiter.

And now some food for thought.

The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live. ~Confucius

He who eats alone chokes alone. ~Proverb

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