Victory Coffee – (01/07/08)

Your place of work is a place of suffering! Here you toil and sweat to earn tax money to keep those few less fortunate and those many who make sure the less fortunate remain dependent on your efforts.

Todays efficiency campaign is to fight against work place sleeping. You know who these people are. Even if you do not know any shirkers, you can earn a green privilege token by denouncing a co-worker and placing a clothes peg on their skin to keep them awake. Show your loyalty to the Central Authority by putting a few clothes pegs on your own skin to show that you care, that you care more.

Your sleepless, painful efforts to earn wages which are decimated by taxes so that taxspenders can sleep and obtain services are appreciated by taxspender administrators, taxspender supervisors, and taxspender co-ordinators. Without your sacrifice, they would have no office space, padded chairs, or canary yellow photo copy paper.

The green privilege token gives you an extra ladle of cold boiled spinnich from the bottom of the food bucket, and one packet of fair trade pepper! Mmmmmm.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this because I care.

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