Victory Coffee – (02/07/08)

What a beautiful day to be working so that others do not have to work. Refreshed with your tapwater warm cup of victory coffee, you look forward to another day of making plenty for others who make nothing.

Todays campaign is The Great Leaders Campaign for Roughage. Without frequent reinforcements of fibre, the colon becomes tired and lazy. And what better way to push out the evil anti-socialist thought than with a double helping of Bran muffins?

Show you care about those who don’t care about their own families, by singing the patriotic slogan

(chorus) Make everyone else eat two muffins, too

Not One, not Three, but Two!
Hurrah for the Struggle for Increased Production!

Our Jackboots stomp on fingers and shoes
Warm coffee and donuts covered with sugar goo!

Extra bran muffins are available for loyal and productive workers who meet or exceed production quotas. Extra effort will be rewarded with additional tax burdens to fund the construction of safe injection sites at Toronto high schools and battered womens shelters.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this, because I care.

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