Victory Coffee – (03/07/08)

Victory Coffee! Shout it out as you perform your daily work, as you earn taxable income to pay for those that do not.

Yes, the have nots and won’t dos need you, Happy Worker. From the first beggar you pass on your sleepy shuffle to the urine stinking public transit, to the second beggar that has a better cell phone than you, to the third, whose inadequate disability pension barely keeps him in his apartment, and restricts him to a four week vacation in Cuba every year.

Happy Worker, put a smile on your face. Grumblers are traitors. They manifest the outer signs of not niceness. Not good. Ungood.

As you pour your packet of Victory Coffee into the warm tap water in your Victory Coffee Mug, smile for those whom Darwin called the unfit, because without the unfit there would be no employment for appeasers and accomodaters of the unfit. And without that, you would have no reason to pay and pay and pay for their salaries, pensions, and benefits.

Todays privilege is a grey privilege token. You can earn yourself an extra ladle of prune mush with this beauty. Mmmmmm.

Get to work, happy worker.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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