Friday Night Man Flesh

Change lurks around every corner, yet the future is murky indeed and about as civilized as enraged soccer fans. At least, that is what Sargon tells me in my sleep. The citizens of Mitchieville are restless, that is apparent. Since the Mayor mandated a reduction of library operating hours, smoking and drinking has increased significantly, along with a corresponding decrease in healthy eating habits. With fewer hours available to the hard working people to get to the library to pick up their public awareness pamphlets, the incidence of kitchen fires, accidental electrocutions and death by matches are on the rise.

Some would say this state of affairs is exacerbated by the sexist imbalance that continues to plague the citizenry. The truth of that assertion is up for debate, but *BITCH* remains committed to correcting this unhealthy balance regardless.

On the subject of balance, it’s now time for some food for thought.

One man’s poverty is another man’s employment opportunity: as long ago as the sixteenth century, a German bishop remarked that the poor are a gold mine.

Theodore Dalrymple – “Our Culture, What’s Left Of It”

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