Friday Night Man Flesh With Fenris Badwulf

This miserable cur was caught eating food from the bag he was assigned to carry. He stole food from his burden, bringing into doubt the collective wisdom. He is about to be striped, beaten, and then whipped. This is a Roman ritual of coercicitium, where the non-Roman citizen was pushed in the mud, the mudulorium. Beat them down, prefect of Mitchieville!

What a great thing to see looming up in the fog. When you are driving for the first time somewhere. Beware the temptation to help yourself by screaming for help. No one will come. You are left on your own. Is that a cold you have or the plague?

Sometimes, you spill the honey. Have the ants come for you then? How many of them were there last time? Is this not the sweetest maple syrup you have tasted? Is this worth the destruction of our health care infra structure? Is it?!

You can only say you are sorry so many ways. And we want to hear all of those ways, when you are begging for your life. Sometimes, it creates jobs when you beg for your life. Penance for the penitent. Just like that movie.

Those of you not on the arrest list will be having a fine dinner most every day this week. Time to drag yourself out to your duties as digester of beans. The full enjoyment of this day is more to the liking of your wallet. Scalding beggars with a hot tea spoon was never better.

So ends your assigned time to feel pleasure and happiness here. What dark fate does the three guardians of destiny have for you? Can you alter the grim destiny that forgetful fate casts for you in her hurried way? Eeeeek!

Bring me your money. Bring me your gas money. You can car pool. Give me your gas money.

*BITCH* would like to thank Mr. Badwulf for speaking out against oppression by offering him a share of the photocopy budget. Conditions apply. Consult the appropriate guideline for clarification.

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