Blogfest Memories

Still far away from North America, I missed another Blogfest. Oh, to sit in a bar with my fellow bloggers, to catch up, and discuss the issues of the day in-depth and in person. To console myself and think about the good times, I dug up some audio of the conversation and banter from a past Blogfest.

I’m not sure whether this is from 2006 or 2007, but as I recall, 2007 was a bit wilder, so this is probably from the earlier event at Tony’s Bar in downtown Toronto.

Listen in, and check out the chemistry that reigns when many of Canada’s top bloggers, anti-human-rights activists, small-c conservatives, and hardcore climate change deniers get together to meet and greet! Oh, the memories!

2 Responses to “Blogfest Memories”

  1. The Mayor Says:

    Yes, that must have been from 2007. It sure sounds alot like Fenris and Reg dishing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mike (say hello and happy Thanksgiving to Jess, too)

  2. cudgel Says:

    What the hell?…that’s not the blogfest any year, that’s my mom and dad.

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