What Doesn’t Belong? Wednesday Edition

If you’re thinking that it’s the girl with the sunglasses on her head, you may as well put your collectors edition of Beaches into your DVD player, but not before you water your room full of lovely ferns, pour yourself a nice wine spritzer and snuggle up with your cuddly wuddly 400 stitch afghan, while basking in your life full of loneliness, cuz pal, you aint right.

3 Responses to “What Doesn’t Belong? Wednesday Edition”

  1. Darcey Says:

    It’s the brunette.

  2. Two Dogs Says:

    Obviously it is the one that is wearing white, the rest have blue in their outfits.

    Me? No, I have never even seen another man naked, why?

  3. Sisyphus Says:

    The second to the right has her hair pulled back and the others don’t.


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