What Doesn’t Belong?

Excuse me Vicar, can I borrow a quart of holy water, I think I may have found Satan? This was a real toss up for me, I wasn’t sure whether to file this under What Doesn’t Belong, or What the Hell Am I? Is adopting albino children a big thing in Latin America, because I can’t see for the life of me why this kid is hanging around the grotto? Do albinos ward off the chupacabra or something? And as for the larger boy in the picture: the first rule when having your picture taken is to wear both shoes. Especially when one of your toes is only a nub. That’s pretty much it, I’m kind of speechless now.

One Response to “What Doesn’t Belong?”

  1. Mikey Says:

    Jeebus, they HAD to find a shirt for the girl that matched her skin? All the other kids have colour, but not her. It’s like – hey, let’s make her look as freaky as possible!

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