Sol Invictis

Well, Christmas is only a few weeks away, and, like all good progressives, my mind turns to all the smaller things in my emotionally driven mind that could cause insult to other people, especially when the insult just might come from Christians, heteronormatives, or law abiding taxpayers. You can dress your women in potato sacks, beat them with a stick at Dundas Square, and sell them in marriage to sadists, but you cannot mention the word Christmas to these folks. The progressives hate other people’s double standards, only their own double standard is good enough.

Lets look at Christmas. Revealed progressive wisdom is that, besides the fact that Jesus never existed (but Mohammed did), is that the evil heteronormative Christians just usurped the happy, peace loving, Earth-friendly cult of Sol Invictis * from their holiday around the 25th of December. Drat those Christians. Considering the role of the social policies of the Emperor Aurelian * * in addressing the ever widening gap between the rich and poor, inadequate social spending on the poor and disadvantaged, and the crisis of youth with nothing to do, it is sad to realize this particular diety, so beloved of Aurelian and members of his family, had their special holiday taken over. Christians are big meanies.

Lets look at the exciting prospect of the re-establishment of the cult of Sol Invictis. We all know about Santa Claus. The jolly elf is well known to young and old. And as any astrologer can tell you, Santa Claus is the Capricornian manifestation of Sol Invictis. There are twelve signs in the zodiac, each one with their own special form of Sol Invictis. Well, what about Scorpio? Does not Scorpio have a manifestation of Sol Invictis to celebrate?

Obviously, Robert E. Lee * is the avatar of Sol Invictis for the month of Scorpio. He embodies all those wonderful qualities of Scorpio that the pagans are going to have to get to know on an intimate basis real soon. He lead the outnumbered forces of the Confederacy against the mercenary hordes of the Republican aggressors. His logistics were never at the same level as the hated religious fanatics he faced. None the less, in true Scorpio fashion, he turned nothing into something, even if he did have to step over mountains of dead, crippled veterans, looted villages and towns, and burnt plantations. Sol Invictis for Scorpio is not the same as Sol Invictis for Capricorn. Nonetheless, Robert E. Lee was beloved by his soldiers, and feared by his enemies. Not a bad role model. Get to know him before he gets to know you. Robert E. Lee likes to know people, and from the collection of scalps of Union generals he has in Valhalla, it might go easier for you if you do your homework, unlike Hooker, MacClellan, Banks, Rosecrans, Fremont, and Benjamin Butler.

Into the vacuum created by the social engineers when they purged Christianity you will find these happy go lucky pagan dieties. Lucky you. The Romans embraced a diversity of war gods, celebrating a multi-cultural approach to state religion. Which war god manifestation of Sol Invictis will you worship this month? Hmmmm?

xpd Mitchieville, DustMyBroom, but NOT TheStormyDaysofMarch (als ist Verbotten!)

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