Mitchieville Supports Policy Resolution P-203

Support Resolution 203. Fliers calling for deletion of Section 13(1) from the CHRA at the Conservative Convention.
The Conservative Party of Canada is holding their Policy Convention this weekend and resolution P-203 has been put forward for consideration. Pamphlets of the resolution have been designed and printed, and will be distributed to every delegate on the convention floor. There was also a fax-burst that went out to every sitting CPC MP last night.

Spread the word.

.pdf version here

.doc version here

 Click to enlarge pamphlet

Richard from No-Libs sums this up nicely:

Conservatives are folks who stand up for freedom and less government intervention in our lives.  The party that says that it represents our values needs to reflect those values in their policies.  The above resolution won’t be voted on unless there’s a strong will from the grassroots at the convention.  If you’re at the convention or know someone who is, please encourage them to consider and vote on the resolution.

Support RESOLUTION P-203

2 Responses to “Mitchieville Supports Policy Resolution P-203”

  1. dinosaur Says:

    fire them all

  2. Sisyphus Says:

    Wow, thanks for posting this. While I am not a Canadian citizen, and thus my opinion on this matter means little, I’d TOTALLY support the repeal of those vague-ass Sections!

    I loved this part in the pdf:

    “CHRC investigators have testified that that ‘freedom of speech is an American concept’ ”

    Uh, no. It’s a human concept. As in “human right.” You know, what the CHRC is (presumably) supposed to uphold.

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