Madonna Goes Green For UNICEF

Madonna was at a UNICEF benefit last night, showing off the latest in grassy knoll fashion. I’m sure Alex Rodriguez has to mow and de-weed her every night now. What was she thinking when she chose that? “Hmmmm, this piece of sod would look good draped over my skelator body. Alex, get me the weed-whacker and my gold belt!!” At this point, the best thing for everyone is if someone threw Madonna back into the swamp from whence she came.

5 Responses to “Madonna Goes Green For UNICEF”

  1. Two Dogs Says:

    Holy Christ, posting this photo should be against the damn law. What, did you run out of Madeline Albright pr0n?

    I think that I got a Viagra e-mail today, I better go check.

  2. Chris Says:

    Is this from the “Mumm-Ra the Ever Living Goes Green” episode of Thundercats?

  3. Rebellious Todd Says:

    She’s not the full quid is she? I mean really, come on, no sane and rational person wears something like that unless they have the intention of pissing off a lot of people for no practical purpose. Unless those people are greenies and then it is just funny. Like the time that a couple of animal activists in Germany opened a pen at a pig slaughterhouse and were crushed and eaten by the escaping porcine horde. Now that was just funny. But I digress.

    Maybe Mr Mayor you can change your hopelessly pointless semi-regular feature of “What Dick Said That” which only D-Morris even bothers to respond to now, and that is only because he feels sorry for you and you put up such lovely Super duper girl pictures for him.

    And maybe we can change it to “Who are they trying to piss off with this outfit?” Or maybe “What psychological disease is evident from deciding to wear this?”

  4. Sisyphus Says:

    Can someone tell her that she hasn’t been relevant since 1992? Please?

  5. Anton Says:

    Wow, this brings a whole new (and completely dong-softeningly terrifying) meaning to “sod off.”

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