Ants: Model for Human Society in View of Idiot Scientist

So, here’s a gem from an interview with Edward O. Wilson, the father of “sociobiology” (the idea that behavior is a genetically acquired trait that is engendered in people through natural selection):

Are ants better at anything than humans?

“Human beings have not yet made an accommodation with the rest of life—whereas ants, whose history dates back more than 100 million years, have achieved that balance, mostly by specializing among the 14,000 known species in terms of where they live, what they eat, and how they relate to other species. Each, for the most part, has acquired a balance with prey, food, and space, halting population growth before it crashes. Ants have reached some degree of sustainability, while humans have not. We’re not going to last 100 years if we don’t start settling down.”

This is typical left-wing fetishization of the “natural world,” where everything is repose and harmony because the forces of nature have attained some sort of “sustainability.” The kind of “sustainability” that we too could achieve if only we would have the altruistic decency to turn over control of the world to some sort of supranational organization (surprisingly enough, run by equally altruistic people like Edward O. Wilson and Vladimir I. Ulyanov) that would bring about this paradise on earth through the use of the state’s powers of compulsion (for our own good, of course.

But this is all a lot of bullshit. Remember that mention up there of “natural selection.” The whole concept revolves around the notion that animals produce more young than can survive, and it is the ones that are more adapted to the circumstances that survive (that is, they are “selected” by “nature,” hence the phrase). You know why there’s “equilibrium” in the natural world? Because it’s a jungle out there!

Wilson himself notes that “Ants are the most warlike of all of the creatures on Earth. Their colonies fight one another routinely, even though there is mostly harmony inside the colony.” So their numbers are kept in check by warfare of colony against colony. But those aren’t the only enemies. Just watch this nightmare:

You know, Keyser can remember back in about 1996 hearing about a program to kill one group of birds that were prospering at the expense of other birds on some island off Massachusetts. This struck Keyser at the time as being madness. But it fits in with the “environmentalist” creed that views nature as some sort of saint’s corpse to worship in stasis rather than a dynamic, active, changing system that is held in check and balanced out by the competing attempts of the organisms in it to prosper in competition with all the others. So for the enviroloonies, if keep nature “in balance,” means killing the “wrong” sort of bird, well that’s just “natural.” And you wonder why leftists think it’s okay to murder millions of people in the altruistic (and scientific) pursuit of their delusions? In any event, the only reason why the ants are in such “balance” is that they kill each other and nasty little flies lay eggs in their heads and make them explode (as in the video).

Oh, and the image up there? That’s a horned tomato caterpillar covered in wasp eggs. The little baby wasps will soon emerge, burrow into the caterpillar and eat it alive. Isn’t nature grand?

If that’s the socialistic sort of world advocated by this guy, you can count Keyser out. He’s a human, not an ant.

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