Let us make War upon our enemies

Everywhere, our Automotive workers cry out, Give us work! Their hands are idle. There is no paycheque this Christmas. Why is there no work? Where is the money we need to spend? They cry to our leaders, the Pharaoh of Washington, the Dark Lord in Ottawa.

Let us build weapons, then. Let the idle work, wielding the hammer of taxable wage labor to build weapons, weapons of war, tanks, guns, and planes. Let there be made magazines of ammunition, collections of land mines, and displays of strength. There will be no unemployment, there will home equity loans to finance consumer goods and vacations. And across our beloved homeland, there will be paycheques, and the workers, the voting workers, will be happy with Change, with Pharaoh in Washington, and live in contentment under the eye of the Dark Lord in Ottawa.

Our enemies should live in fear. Let their eyes be upcast towards the skies, searching for incoming airstrikes. Let their footsteps be filled with fear of our landmines and booby traps. Let there be made pits for them, pits of spikes. Snipers shall stalk them, tanks shall crush them, and the scent of our mustard gas liquify their bowels. Bomb them without mercy. Turn their cities into craters.

Let us make war upon our enemies. Let us have full employment, with high paying factory jobs.

Death to the enemies of our Canadian homeland.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

xpd mitchieville, DustMyBroom

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