Saving civilization? Just live in grass huts!

Tsk, why are all the pretty ones so daft? I guess not needing to think has that effect on you, like when you don’t have to, or even want to, think about how real wealth is generated.

Peope wonder about that sometimes. Create wealth? Well, that’s just printing off money and then people are rich, right? This is of course the type of economic theory that made Uganda and Zimbabwe into the prosperous powerhouses they are today.

The real answer, and the one teachers couldn’t ever teach in their lives because they have no idea themselves, is that creating wealth is made in two ways: extracting raw resources from the Earth, and using labour or technology to make a finished product. That’s it. It’s the purest rule out there, and it’s been the foundation of all of civilization up until a century ago.

The principal behind wealth creation has since been attributed to the destruction of the planet. Fossil fuels are just seen as something that will run out and throw the world into chaos, rather than just a temporary source until new energy sources are found. Did you all know that fusion reactors are soon to be a reality? Why don’t you get to hear about those more often? The ugly truth is that the lead shielding, wiring, computers, and so on, are all being created by unclean energy sources and yucky mining practices. We’re making omelets, and liberals are crying over the broken eggs, which are the only embryos for which they have sympathy.

Convinced that we would all be better off living in grass huts, supposedly in some sort of balance with nature, we would accomplish nothing with our petty lives and the Earth just spiral into the sun and die off. I’m not old enough to know the majesty of the thrill of being able to see the first moon landing, but I can picture it. It’s a feeling we’ll never get back. We are constantly told that people are the problem, an infestation of this planet. Do you remember when flying to Mars seemed like an attainable goal? Flying to Mars? Are you kidding? We have a recession to worry about. We’re always being told that we’ll have this crisis or that crisis to worry about first, and once we have done that, then we can get on with this business of carefully, slowly making our way into space. Pending government approval, naturally.

It’s an insidious design to get you all to believe you are not special, but that the green leaders are. They are the ones you should be worshipping, whether through creepy multi-coloured “Obama ‘08″ posters or that dunce Al Gore. By all rights, Gore should be laughed off of every stage he is forklifted onto. This hypocrite has used twenty times more energy than the average house in Tennessee, he flies to his many, many An Inconvenient Truth events when he could easily teleconference, and he pays himself for carbon offsets. He’s even harming the world being too fat.

So imagine my surprise that Obama’s latest climate change czar is a commie. (For the blanched, watered-down version of the story, go to the New York Times.) What else were all the socialist dinosaurs of the 20th century but preventing the little people from being masters of the Earth? Call me a nut, but I’ll wager the bad ol’ USA’s environmental record was just slightly better than Soviet Russia’s.

Let’s get one thing straight about communist thug idiots–they love money. Every society needs a little bit of capital (i.e. wealth) concentrated somewhere, and the upper echelons still want to live large. While she’ll be undoubtedly shrinking the economy for the sake of the Earth (an idea endorsed by her boss), Browner is also enriching herself:

Ms. Browner also sits on the board of APX, which specializes in handling cap-and-trade emission credits, as well as several environment groups.

All I can think of is the Halliburton/Cheney connection. It can’t be helped; it’s merely media conditioning. So why is it she can implement cap-and-trade, definitely a costly measure passed onto private corporations, while working for this shadowy company? Halliburton produces energy and has the technical know-how to do it safely and efficiently. APX’s website shows a bunch of nuclear reactors and high-intensity electrical lines, but they don’t produce anything at all.

Well, if Iraq was invaded for oil, the Obama Administration was invaded to destroy America. Ms. Brownout won’t even need to be approved by the Senate, which means nothing much anyway given their rubber-stamping approval system. The real spectre here is an increasing number of czars and cazrinas infiltrating the government, convincing the public that traditional capitalism has failed, and they had better get with the program or be thrown in the carbon-neutral gulag. If you need me, I’ll be on Mars, marvelling at all of humanity rather than a few opportunistic wealth destroyers.

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