Deborah Harry Is Changing

It amazes The Mayor that Deborah Harryhas gone from a woman who resembled Hilly Clinton just two short years ago, back to the beautiful woman who looks very similar to what I remember in 1978 when she sang Heart of Glass. It’s incredible what a steady diet of cocaine, vodka and percocet can do to a woman. Maybe we, as a society, haven’t given cocaine, vodka and percocet a fair shake.

11 Responses to “Deborah Harry Is Changing”

  1. Larry Says:

    Blondie was a thrill in the 80’s, young,sexy and beautiful just like you where then. xxoo

  2. dmorris Says:

    “Maybe we, as a society, haven’t given cocaine, vodka and percocet a fair shake.”

    You’re right,Mayor, I’ve never given percocet a fair chance, and if using it would make me look half as good as Debbie in that last pic,well, I’m off to my friendly neighbourhood pharmacy!

    btw, just what the hell IS percocet?

    I don’t wanna have to ask Katie.

  3. cudgel Says:

    Percocet?…I think that’s the stuff that makes her hair blonde as in…”she’s a percocet blonde”.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    No no no no no. They are the pill form of morphine. They give them to people that were in plane crashes, car accidents, and anyone that watched Beaches with Bette Midler.

  5. dmorris Says:

    Shit, I don’t qualify under ANY of those conditions!

    Maybe I’ll try jaywalking on the icy streets here, brought to us by Global Warming.

  6. The Mayor Says:

    I’m sure if you do, and get injured, there will be a wheelbarrow full of money in it for you.

  7. KMorris Says:

    You can sue Al Gore for lying to you about global warming. Here you thought you were safe to traverse the ice free streets! For shame.

  8. KMorris Says:

    PS: Debbie just used a clothespeg to tie back the loose folds of skin on her face, hence the long hair to cover it up. You have no idea the beauty secrets of women.

  9. The Mayor Says:

    I have an industrial stapler that she could use any time she wanted.

    And you would be correct, Kate–I’d even go a step further and say I don’t know anything about women–except that they smell like vanilla and are usually cuddly like a stuffed animal.

  10. Blondiefan Says:

    you can fuck your self! i bet your mamma doesn’t look like debbie and she also snifs the stuff…

  11. The Mayor Says:

    Assholes say what?

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