DC Will Be A *Prostitution Free Zone* For The Inaugural


And when I say *prostitution free*, I don’t mean that the hookers aren’t charging, I mean that they are to be removed–temporarily.

Here what the good folks at Sweetness & Light (where I took this post from) had to say:

Reader Jason Cragg sent over this capture of a sign placed at 5th and Eye Streets NW, right in the middle of Inauguration Island. You’re reading it right: portions of downtown have been declared a “Prostitution Free Zone” for the Inaugural celebration period. The best part? It has an expiration date, as though at all other times, hookers have free reign over downtown Washington — hey, at least the MPD is honest.

Truth be told, this isn’t the first time the MPD has declared a PFZ. You can read about how the law works here, but the basic idea is that it allows police officers to issue fines of $300 to a group of two or more persons found congregating in a public space or property within the PFZ for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or prostitution-related offenses. Still, these signs are sure to look mighty funny to most people walking through the area on their way to the Inauguration on Tuesday.

I am also going to rely on the comments from the good readership at Sweetness & Lightto complete the rest of this post. Sit back and enjoy, there are some doozies in here:

“Has the area also been declared a crack cocaine-free zone?”


“Does this mean that no Democrats will be able to attend?

Next commenter–> No, it just means that there will be less attendance.


Media whores, easy Liberal girls, and people who have had 5+ abortions over the past year are still going to be there, rest assured. So at least their carnal desires can be sated.”


“Isn’t that Barney in the Limo with Barry?”

Next commenter–>It’s his corner now


Was this intended for politicians or hookers? At least one group makes its’ living honestly…

As is typical in a Democratic administration, the whores will be removed from the street and put directly into the White House.

Hopey Changey

10 Responses to “DC Will Be A *Prostitution Free Zone* For The Inaugural”

  1. James Redford Says:

    They’d have to arrest all the politicians in Washington, D.C. save for Ron Paul if they wanted to make it prostitute-free.

  2. The Mayor Says:

    There’s only a few good ones left–all the others are still at the trough.

  3. dmorris Says:

    I like declaration of “fill-in-the-blank-free zones”! Shows our authorities are doing something about societal problems.

    I live in a “drug-free” zone in Kelowna. About a hundred feet(30m) from one sign was the area drug dealer’s house.

    They tore the house down to build condos, the drug dealers moved.

    Punch line; they moved to another house about ten blocks away, in another “drug-free” zone, right across the street from the local drug rehabilitation clinic.

    And yeah, Ron Paul was the only guy I liked in the Great Race, but he never stood a chance.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    We have drug-free, prostitute-free, nuke-free, gun-free, peanut-free, zones everywhere. But it’s like anything, if someone wants to bring any of the above into the zone, there’s sweet fuck all anyone can do about it.

    Extra big fine for gun users? Yes, that’s quite a deterant.

  5. Vixen Says:

    What? NO SEX on inauguration day? Bummer!

  6. The Mayor Says:

    They’ll have to get it the old fashioned way–either through copious amounts of booze, or ether and a rag.

  7. Sisyphus Says:

    “Prostitution free” in D.C.? Surely they jest. In the last 3 months, there’s been a long line of whores outside of Congress’s doors with arms and hands extended for our tax dollars.

  8. KMorris Says:

    I would think free prostitutes would be a lovely present to beleagured Americans as they enjoy the inauruation. Didn’t they read the new Emily Post guide to a gentlemanly inauguration party?

  9. mark Says:

    Isn’t it already illegal?

    Here in BC, there is trouble:

    Sex worker sexually assaulted in Downtown Eastside


  10. mark Says:

    From the comments on the above link: “Someone should send down a WCB inspector to her job site to see if it is safe before some other “workers” get hurt.”

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