Hopey Changey Week–Tuesday Edition

What a strange day. Obama (pbuh) gets inaugurated and Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd nearly bite the dust. I’m starting to believe in this whole hope and change thing. I can see Kennedy taking a dirt nap at any time, after all, the guy’s a real pig. I’m sure he had his seizure right after eating a Baconator and right before eating some chocolate cheesecake. But Byrd? I have a feeling the Grand Wizard will live to 150. I actually think he’s dead and is being operated like a Muppet, but as long as there’s movement in dem dar eyes, I suppose we legally can’t write him off. Yet.

Anyway, Obama is the first Halfrican American President, and the world is a better place. The Moslems and Jews are now friends, Iran is no longer supporting terrorism, the stock market is back over 10,000, and the financial crisis has ended. And the birds are singing from the trees. Hopey changey, my friends, hopey changey.

4 Responses to “Hopey Changey Week–Tuesday Edition”

  1. Two Dogs Says:

    The reports on Teddy were that he was “coherent.” I have yet to find a definition of “coherent” that doesn’t contradict everything that I know to be true about Teddy. Do you think that is moonbat code for drunk in a bar?

  2. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    Coherent? Yeah, right. Ted probably had a 1/4 lb bacon clot in his femoral artery or sumpin. They say his blood is exactly the consistency of 10W30.

    Meanwhile, no one is stating out loud that Byrds real problem was probably suppressed racist KKK apoplexy at a Halfrican American being POTUS. Byrd is an ass, and an extremely old, racist ass at that.

    All of the above is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the site owner or operator or other commenters. So there!

  3. Flea Says:

    I first heard the word “lithopedion” this week. Now news of 1/4 lb bacon clots. It hardly feels safe to step out my front door. Best return to SimCity 4.

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Yes Flea, hunker down with some SimCity4 and a bottle of whiskey–it cures all.

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