Chicks With Dicks

You would have to go back to January 28 of the year of the Lord 2009, to find the last Chick With Dicks segment we ran at Mitchieville. It wasn’t just the last time we played, it was the only time. It was history in the making, it was something that none of us will soon forget.

Out of the rubble of answers that were cast that day, only the Godless Commie knew that the Chick With the Dick was none other than Kari Clark, wife of Dick Clark. Actually, GC knew it was Dick Clark’s wife and didn’t know her name. And  why would he, she’s insignificant.

Did you know that Dick Clark’s middle name is Wagstaff? Absolutely true. His full name is Richard Wagstaff “Dick” Clark. I wonder if he got punched out much as a kid?

Today we have featured someone that is not only smart, but irresistibly beautiful. She has legs to her shoulders, lovely flowing red hair, a nice tight ass, and a set of the hardest breasts you will ever find.

She is the girlfriend of a Dick, and if I’m not mistaken she has never been married. Her boyfriend has an awful lot of money, was involved in print media–specifically comic books, had a successful television show, and although he had parents, they didn’t seem to take an active role in his life.

No more hints, I’m basically throwing this game for you as it is.

What I’m looking for is the name of the Dick this sexy young temptress went out with. That’s why we call this game, “Chicks With Dicks.”

2 Responses to “Chicks With Dicks”

  1. N.O'Really Says:

    Gloria Glad.

  2. Godless Commie Says:

    Strictly a wild-ass guess here, but since we’re talking comic books and dolls with rock-hard tits, could you be speaking of Richie Rich?

    That’s all my brain can come up with right now ….

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