Joe Biden–Mr 30%

Speaking to congressional democrats at their $700,000.00 policy retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia, VP Joe Biden had these encouraging words:

“If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’ll get it wrong,”

When The Mayor does everything right, with absolute certainty, it’s never  wrong. Unlike Joe Biden who can do something so right that he makes it wrong. I suppose it’s like the saying, “If it feels so right, how can it be so wrong?”

And 30%? Joe Biden thinks that if the democrats do everything right, cross all their t’s and dots all their I’s, that even after meticulously going over every item line by line, they will still mess up 30% of everything they do? Good job instilling confidence in the American electorate, Joe.

I’m hear to tell you that a 30% failure rate is nothing to congratulate yourself about. I can hardly think of many things in life where a 30% failure rate is actually good. Maybe 30% would be good if I was playing the slots or betting on the ponies, but in real life situations a 30% failure rate is horrifying.

Imagine if commercial jets had a 30% failure rate when taking off or landing. Imagine if condoms had a 30% failure rate. Or what if your brakes didn’t work on your car 30% of the time? How about if your doctor was only successful with 30% of his operations? Would that be considered good?

Keeping that in mind, these are the same people who are about to blow 1 trillion on a porkulus project. Basically, at 30%, you can kiss the first 300 billion goodbye. These 30% ‘ers are going to be in charge of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan for the next 4-8 years. These 30% ‘ers are the folks that will be shaping American society for the next 2500 days.

100% of me is scared right now, 30% is plain ole terrified. 

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  1. dmorris Says:

    Joe screwed the figures up, probably some dead brain cells kicked in just as he made that speech.

    I doubt if the 30% figure is correct, I think, from all the evidence accumulated for the last several decades, the optimum number is 25%, maybe 28% if things go really wrong.

    I hope this allays your fears, if not your “plain ole terrified”, which is spot on. You should be POT if they fuck up even 10% of the time! We live in perilous times, we’ve ALWAYS lived in perilous times, and always will.

    If it’s not disease, poverty, outside enemies threatening us, then it’s internal enemies, terrorist groups within, or inept socialist politicians, like the U.S. has just put in charge of it all.

    The world’s best hope, is that once again, the efforts of ordinary people will overcome the machinations of the governing elites, and drag us through and out of, this latest quagmire, as we’ve always done in the past. The elites fuck it up, the peasants fix it. It will ever be so.

    If the end result was a cleansing of the entire system, as in the French Revolution, we would ALL be better off, for a longer period, until the next group of charlatans manage to fool enough of the people.

    In my ever optimistic view of life, and in anticipation of this happy event, I have ordered my own Guillotine, from Monsieur Pierre of Paris, France, not Ontario, which for a brief time only, comes with it’s own free head basket, a $29.95 value!

    Order yours now, as this is a limited time offer!

  2. Rebellious Todd Says:

    Well all I can say is just wait until the professional news gatherers get ahold of this gaffe. They will be singing it to the roof. Letterman has got material for the next 15 years based purely on this one joke. Saturday night live might actually be funny once or twice when they get to playing around with this money quote. Man, I feel very sorry for ….oh wait, he’s a liberal Democrat, forget I said anything. They can just rehash attacks on misspeaks by Sarah Palin.

  3. dmorris Says:

    Yeah, SNL won’t have many young comedians lined up to play Joe Biden, it’s a career killer!

  4. The Mayor Says:

    Hey Todd–everything okay out in your neck of the woods? Where are you located nowadays?

  5. Rebellious Todd Says:

    All good mate, in my neck of the woods anyway. I’m up in God’s own country in Queensland. All the bad shit is happening in Victoria way down south. Though I have family down there that we are having trouble getting ahold of. Fingers crossed all will be ok. Current toll is 128 but could double. Personally I am preparing a few blunt spoons to scrape the hearts out of the scum that set the fires if I am lucky enough to find them. No doubt they will have come from some poor upbringing or broken homes or some such. I think I can speak for the vast majority of my countrymen in saying a resounding We Don’t Care, String the bastards up by their toes.

  6. Chris Says:

    70% is an “A”, baby!

  7. Thurston Says:

    Mayor, how soon can I move to Canada?

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