Excellent Blogs I Found Through Twitter

I’m sure there are many Mitchievillian’s that are familiar with The Minority Report  blog. The Mayor has been there before on his travels, but never bookmarked the site for some reason. That was a big mistake.

I rediscovered The Minority Report  while mucking about on Twitter, and when I went back there a few days ago, it struck me that I must have been whacked out on glue the first time I went there, because there’s not a reason in heaven why I shouldn’t have marked it in the first place.

What a fantastic read. The Minority Report  is not only gritty, but very informational and well written. It’s a top shelf blog that every Mitchievillian should pay attention to.

The Minority Report  is now part of The Mayor’s cabinet (actually it isn’t, but it will be tonight). It’s now a daily read.

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